Assignment 2: What images mean

DSC_1137Option 2: Ink blots

The object of this assignment was to create some random “inkblots”, and ask people to interpret them. The image shown above is the inkblot which my group and I created.

Responses from people were varied and included – “Two smurfs about to kiss”, “Two Seahorses”, “Ram Skull”, “Goat Skull” amongst a few others.

In the end we decided to go with the ram/goat skull response and develop it further. We added small pen lines and marks which emphasised the skull aspect of the image and continued to ask people what they thought it was. Initially, the additions didn’t seem to sway people’s overall perceptions. Many more people started to recognise it after our third intervention into the test where we outlined the horns. But it was not until our fourth time altering it and outlining the skull shape when most people came to a general consensus as to what it was. In the alterations hereafter, all the people we asked responded by saying it was some form of skull.

Until we outlined the distinguishing horns, people were giving as varied answers as ever but after this, they seemed to click with this feature and recognize it for what we had been proposing. It seems that without this, the blot was just too vague.

Alterations 1-7

DSC_1138 DSC_1140 DSC_1141 DSC_1142 DSC_1143 DSC_1144 DSC_1145


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