Assignment 1: Are you what you wear?

I uploaded a series of 7 images from in and around my home to a tumblr blog a short while ago. These were to be viewed and analytically critiqued by a pre assigned group in the class. Most of the responses i received were expected but some of them actually came as quite a surprise to me.

Some of the general observations are as follows –

  • Definitely a stay at home student due to large house and view over the river

  • Most likely a male due to shaving equipment in bathroom

  • Middle/Upper Class

  • Lives fairly independently to rest of household

  • Into science and biology

  • Family oriented – large home, family photos dotted about

  • Photography as a hobby

  • A mix of different things throughout the house, collector of different interesting bits and pieces.

A few of the points particularly stood out to me. Although I feel I am a particularly family oriented person, it surprised me that the group though a whole family lived in the house as it is just my father and I who live there at present. Another thing which I have accepted now but never really thought about is the fact that my life in the house is quite independent in terms of location and facilities like bathroom study etc. One small  point the group picked up on was the model creatures on top of one of my shelves. These are things I am usually quite secretive about. They are from a particular hobby where you model, paint and play games with miniature characters and other people. I used to enjoy the whole process of this shortly before starting university but it was one of those niche hobbies which was generally seen as “geeky” during secondary school. Hence, I kept it to myself and those few others who also enjoyed the pastime. Something I realised when talking to the other group at the time – Although I no longer play the game,  I am now completely open to talking about this without fear of prejudice from my peers.

Being a research subject myself, i didn’t mind other people looking into my life. That was partly due to the images i had selected. They consisted only of possessions and spaces, no people. I wanted to see what the groups unaltered opinion and conclusion based solely on material things.

On The other hand, i felt quite intrusive and nosey peering into the lives and pasts of the other people. This made me feel a little bit uneasy at the time. Simultaneously though, i was interested to find out this information and make my own opinions.

After researching into the Johari window technique, i have realised that there are the four states of thinking concerning ourselves as people. That which only we know about ourselves, What others think but which may not be plain to us, that which is plain to both parties, and what is unknown by both, the subconscious of the person in question.

This tool helps describe why I was surprised by some of the responses people gave, they know and observe things about me which even I don’t!

   tumblr_mgoall7MwS1rng1zmo1_500 tumblr_mgoammInpg1rng1zmo1_500 tumblr_mgoamr7Z271rng1zmo1_500 tumblr_mgoaqpPacG1rng1zmo1_500 tumblr_mgob0hn6zj1rng1zmo1_1280 tumblr_mgob3omfph1rng1zmo1_1280


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